North Castle War Veterans

Middle Patent Cemetery

This cemetery began as a family burial place, located in the northern portion of the Town of North Castle in the hamlet of Banksville.  Its entrance is off Middle Patent Road.  The name came into use because the area is the middle of three patents granted on February 17, 1701 by England’s King William III.

Samuel Banks, one of the area’s first settlers arriving around 1695, was the first to be interred in 1743 – at the top of “the old hill” on his farm where his cattle grazed.  By the 1780s. the “old hill” must have been recognized as the community burial ground as neighboring families began burying there – but set apart from the Banks.  By the 1840s, there was little burial space left at the top of the “old hill” and owners of adjoining farms sold portions of their property to enlarge the cemetery – known as the Victorian section.

For a more detailed history of the Middle Patent Rural Cemetery, see The North Castle Historical Society publication, Volume 34 – 2007.


The following is a list of all veterans that were laid to rest at this cemetery. Click on a name for more information.
Background photo provided by the United States Air Force Academy.