North Castle War Veterans

John Zar Daniels

Born: 1830 In North Castle, NY
Died: April 11, 1911 In Norwalk, CT
Sex: Male

John Zar Daniels was born in 1830 in North Caste, NY to parents Charles and Elizabeth Zarr Daniels.  He was a merchant and single, according to 1860 census. The 1870 census shows him as married; the 1880 census lists him as a widower. He died on April 11, 1911 in Norwalk, CT.  The location of his tombstone in Middle Patent Cemetery is unknown.

Richard Lander's list states that he served in 14th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment. However, that John Daniels, was born in 1842. He enlisted in Ogdensburg on August 4, 1863 and was mustered out in Washington D.C. on August 26, 1865.

Which leaves John Zarr Daniels' Civil War status as rather murky. 1861-65, M551lroll33 on NARA.  He is not on WPA location, nor in 1890 Veterans' census. He is only on Richard Lander's list.

Background photo provided by the United States Air Force Academy.