North Castle War Veterans

Chester Arthur Lovelett

Born: July 20, 1884 In Armonk, NY
Died: December 1966 In White Plains, NY
Sex: Male

Chester A. Lovelett was born on July 20, 1884 in Armonk, New York to parents William and Josphine Baker Lovelett.  Prior to being drafted he lived in White Plains, NY.  He was drafted on May 28, 1907 as a Private.  He was trained at Camp Mead, MD, Camp Wadesworth, SC, Camp Gordon, GA and Camp Greene, NC - all with 8th Company Central Officers Training Schools, Company H 2nd Infantry Replacement Regiment.  He was promoted to Corporal on July 25, 1913 and Sergeant on December 28, 1914 and First Sergeant on May 23, 1917 - all in Company L of the 51st Pioneer Infantry (formed from the 10th New York Regiment).  He was discharged to accept a commission on August 25, 1918 and re-enlisted with the 102nd Ammunition Train through October 31, 1921, then re-enlisted a number of times through November 7, 1927.  He then joined the 106th Combat Company, 102nd Medical Regiment and re-enlisted annually with an honorable discharge on June 25, 1940.  

He was married to Margaret Grace Proctor in White Plains, NY on July 25, 1913.

He died in December 1966 in White Plains, NY.  It is believe that he was buried with his father, William, in the family plot at St. Stephens Cemetery.

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Background photo provided by the United States Air Force Academy.